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What your knowledge about Segment Routing and what are the problems that it will solve

No coding questions. Started off with a slew of behavioral questions pertaining to topics like conflict resolution and such. Know answers for questions involving teamwork and conflict with team members. Then moved on to questions about resumes, previous intern exp, and side projects. Asked about the skills and languages you list on the resume, and was also asked to draw out the structure of some previous projects on a white board. Heavy emphasis on behavior and resume.

What languages do you have experience in programming?

Nothing too difficult, just some javascript questions, particularly related to videoJS.

Implement a Set class without additional data structures (pair-programming and TDD)

How do you find the most common word in a paragraph?

What was a difficult decision you had to make and how did you overcome it?

Nothing was really difficult. They asked about my past experience and whether if i have used certain .NET technology.

What's the difference between the stack and heap when they are initialized.