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hacker-rank 1 - multiple choice, shortest path problem, minimum unique array sum, 2 class creation problems (1- normal class, 2- abstract class). hacker-rank 2 - kinematics, dynamics, transformation, equations of motion Video round - given an animal base class create deer and lion derived class and do basic object calls in it. Onsite - typical interview and technical questions at the end

The Projects I have done, Some Algorithm question you can meet in the LeetCode

Relational database system

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TS stream organization; volatile keyword use; Memory layout for the process taking 4GB of virtual memory, 32-bit processor under linux OS. (Google the layout :):)) Mutex/semapohore differences Any experience with other video containers, GPU programming CUDA, OpenCL, OpenGL, OpenMax framefork; Tell about your background, experience

For a software position, they sure were interested in odd things. They asked me more of a quiz question than a software engineering question really. It was "Whats the difference between innoDB and MyISAM".

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Innovation question: Can you think any innovative ways to authenticate users' identity in order to securely protect a system?

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Mostly technical questions and questions about your technical background

Can you tell me about a time when you had to work with a team and you had to adjust to other team members' ideas? Was there someone in the team that may have caused a conflict?

Design question: Can you design an application where users are able to submit insurance claims for their belongings? What will be the components of the application? How will you design this application?