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What are the names of the HTTP request methods, and when would you use each of them?

Given List myList1 = ..., and List myList2 = ..., is the following statement legal? myList 1 = myList2?

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Describe a technology stack you like and why you like it

What's the difference between deadlock and a race condition?

1. Reverse an int array (phone screening problem) 2. Implement the get method of a Singly Linked List, implement the add method of singly linked list. Implement the add method of a double ended singly linked list. 3. Whats the difference between a sql and no sql database? Give examples 4. Implement a LRU Cache (Can't use the java linked hash map)

Questions on storage concepts, technology and testing methodologies

Combinations of # in an array that sum to N, BFS, string manipulation & comparison (recommend you cheap this question with python), first 2 numbers that sum to a given N.

Very specific questions about the structure of my company such as how many people were on my team (wanted exact numbers), how the team was exactly structured, and exactly what we did. Lots of questions about the "exact numbers" of my current employer.

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Design a service to support billions of devices. Problem solving questions. Engineering process questions. Talk with other engineers, product managers, development managers. At the end of the day, I even talked with the founder/co-founder, which helped me a lot to understand more about OfferUp. Eventually helped me to decide which startup offer to take.

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