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Give us a prototype description for something that you can make for adobe.

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I briefly described a "creative platform" i'd create where users can host their adobe content on. Similar to Reddit, but limited only to adobe content.

Describe your problem solving process.

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What will you do if you had a conflict with one of ur teammates? How would you introduce yourself to some person in a team? What would be your approach? Successful situation? what does innovation mean to you? OOPs concepts?

If you were to start over on the project what would you have changed?

Write a code to find the smallest unique number from an array with numbers some can be dups

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separate out a sentience given by space with some added complications, some sql queries using aggregate functions, joins, group by

Signed NDA (also don't remember the questions that well anymore.) There were some Palantir-y algorithms questions, a coding challenge (which was not hard), and one product question (think Google APM interview question but more technical - this is probably only forward developed people.)

Resume specific questions, high level overview of resume, things you do on the outside (interview with the director). Interview with the technical lead (5th interview) was just a high level walk through of the previous assignment and roles. Was told that he needed to look at my assignment further at the end of the interview, and hr would get back to me (this seemed like a blow off and recant).

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