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What would I do to improve and ensure product quality if given the job?

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First thing, get acclimated and learn and understand the status quo (what development processes and tools are currently being used, what ideas/feedback internal stakeholders have about the current state of things, what comments/feedback have our customers provided, etc). These are all important because before you can set out to improve something you must first understand what it is that needs improved - and why - and how - and by whom, etc. It's nice to have an improvement plan in mind but it's more important to recognize and understand there's no such thing as a 'one size fits all' plan. Seeking to implement change w/o first seeking to understand what needs to be changed and why is basically just change for change's sake - not a good thing.

The forst rule to improve the quality should be to see if we are meeting to "confirm" the basic requirement set by the customer or not. If we have 100 processes going on, but the confirmance to requirement is stil not met, we really have a huge job to do. So first do a gap analysis quickly that how far we are from actually meeting the requirement of the client, Once we fill that gap, we need to see how can we now "delight" the client.

I really thought there were no difficult or unexpected questions. I felt like I was interviewing them as much as I was being interviewed. The interviews were early in the week and HR said they would be making a decision by the following Monday. I waited to late the following week to get feedback, but no one ever responded to my inquires. The I tried again two, three and more than a month later, but still nothing.

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No question was difficult. But everyone seemed apathetic. If they already found their best fit, they should have cancelled the interview with me and not waste my time. Plus, a letter, email or phone call would have been nice to let me know that I was not selected. I expected them to be more professional.

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Why do you want to work at HCL ?

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if you are as good as you say then why your were part of a major layoff?

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What makes you a good fit

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Have you ever put an employee on a PIP (performance improvement plan)?

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Mostly questions about how I established processes and improved things in prior positions. Some very specific questions about how we implemented our CI and testing tools. For a manager position, it got into the specifics ("What was the individual engineer's perspective on that?") more than I felt necessary or appropriate.

Has any failure on your part of a project lead to an impact in sales for the company?

I was given a mathematics story problem which required more thought logic than math skills to solve. This was given to me during my in-person 1-on-1 with the company's GM; he wrote it on the board and asked me to work on it by talking out loud while doing so - the object being to better understand my problem-solving processes, my interpersonal skills while under 'stress' (noting the unexpectedness of the scenario simulates the nature of most problems we encounter: unexpected but solvable when approached patiently and with determination).

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