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Software Quality Assurance Analyst Interview Questions


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Given a tight schedule how will you decide what to test and which test cases to execute.

1 Answer

I will prioritize according to risk analysis and significance to the business of the new features to be tested

How would you handle a situation where you may be on the phone with a client, while a co-worker shoots you in the head with a nerf gun.

1 Answer

Why do you want to work here?

1 Answer

No real difficult questions or unexpected ones. Was asked if I was familiar with UAT, Oracle, regression testing and writing test case scenarios.

Why do you enjoy Quality Assurance/Testing?

1 Answer

Write out the instructions for making a PB&J Sandwich.

1 Answer

Q: What is it about DRC that you would like to work for?

1 Answer

Describe a problem that you had and solved in a previous position.

1) Write the test case for a program with to find the most characters

1 Answer

Can you remember a time where you made a mistake, and if you had a second chance, how would you do things differently?