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I really thought there were no difficult or unexpected questions. I felt like I was interviewing them as much as I was being interviewed. The interviews were early in the week and HR said they would be making a decision by the following Monday. I waited to late the following week to get feedback, but no one ever responded to my inquires. The I tried again two, three and more than a month later, but still nothing.

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My only disappointment was my expectations on some type of feedback after spending more than half a work day with them, plus I expected no less than a phone call or a simple courtesy email. I tried emailing a couple times asking for feedback but there was no response from their contact. Later I discovered they reopened the Job Posting on all the sites, so I can only assume they were not satisfied with the previous applicants. I guess that happens, but it still I wouldn't hurt to let the candidate know you've decided to move forward with other applicants, just professional courtesy. Now more than two months later I see they have lowered the salary for this position to that of a senior test engineer. I really thought they were looking for a seasoned QA Manager for this position, but they should really just promote and train someone from within because it doesn't look like they are ready to take this position to the professional level it really needs to be. With all the talk about values, they should also consider common courtesy as simple core value. If an applicants spend half a day with you, it doesn't hurt to a least send an feedback email. It doesn't cost you anything to and be professional and courteous.

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Describe a situation where you failed, how did you handle it. What drives you crazy at work? Tell me a bit about your leadership style. Tell me about the automation frameworks you've been involved with. What role did you have with standing up a framework? Which tools have you used? What challenges did you face with the framework and written tests? What is it about this role that most interests you?