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How would you peform an SSH connection between these two PCs. I can't give you any information on these PCs, just do it.

4 Answers

Couldn't do it. Not enough information to complete.

ssh into localhost ;P

Simply SSH in to localhost

If you were to find something in Linux, what command would you use?

1 Answer

How does the color blue make you feel?

1 Answer

How do you view working with older technology?

1 Answer

Qiven a list of start and end cities write a function that can determine the number stop between two destinations

1 Answer

Given a sequence of numbers, find the sub-sequence with the highest sum. What is the Big O for the solution?

Write a function that can determine if a string of characters is a palindrome, or could be rearranged into a palindrome.

1 Answer

For this position sql knowledge is a must. You will be required to know basic SQL queries and be able to learn more from there

Given a string which contains 8 coordinates that represent 2 rectangles, write code to find how many times the first rectangle can fit inside the overlapping areas of the rectangles without overlap.

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