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Describe a time you had to thnik outside the box.

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I described moving from an office experience to a telecommute position and having to adapt my resources to fit. I was later ribbed about that by an interviewer as well as other questions much like-> do I like software or hardware better. I answered software because I actually write and enjoy code. That answer was met by comments on how software depends on hardware. This made me realize the answers I was going to give were not going to be right. I kept eye contact smiled and stayed fully engaged with the interviewers. Overall I did not do as well as I wanted in the interview and interviewers took 2 weeks longer to get back with me than they specified.

How are you at Accounting?

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Introduces a technical situation asks you what sorts of steps you would take to troubleshoot it. Also asks some project management questions such as how you would manage multiple tasks.

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Sell me this pen.

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Say a piece of software is malfunctioning, what are the steps you would take in solving the problem?

The interview questions asked to me were on a two page sheet that the interviewing manager followed, things like give an example of your most difficult experience in... They were standard interviewing questions that anyone would ask but I must say I have never been in an interview before where someone read a question to me off of a piece of paper.

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Explain a time where you felt stressed.

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Why Shouldn't I hire you; how would you test an elevator; an example of your leadership; various math problems; how would you acquire any knowledge that you lack for the role

What is it about alternative investment management that interests you?

Tell me about yourself. These are not the words they used to ask the question, but it boiled down to that.

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