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How would you peform an SSH connection between these two PCs. I can't give you any information on these PCs, just do it.

4 Answers

Couldn't do it. Not enough information to complete.

ssh into localhost ;P

Simply SSH in to localhost

identify the number of 1s in an integer is odd or even

7 Answers

Given a page size and a number, align the number with the nearest page. (Note: This was a phone interview question. The interviewer and I used an online document to share ideas about this problem.

5 Answers

Please describe how to implement a function to print out a linked list backwards

2 Answers

write a function to set a particular field of register to the desired value. ( For example, set bit 3 - 10 of a word to the given value)

2 Answers

Implement memcpy.

3 Answers

if there exists a sequence of integers in order, and you are at a receiver and you obtain these integers out of order, how can you know which integer is missing?

1 Answer

You are hosting a party with 1000 bottles of wine and 10 servants, however, one of the bottles has been poisoned. How do you determine, using the servants, which bottle of wine is poisoned?

2 Answers

MORE than 50 questions on television broadcast systems, electronics, networking, control systems, electronics and software engineering were asked.

1 Answer

Find the words used in some text and report by word length and how often each word appears.

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