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identify the number of 1s in an integer is odd or even

7 Answers

hint is XOR

void OnesAreOdd(int n) { int i=0; while(n!=0) { n=n&(n-1); i++; } return (i&1==1)?true:false; }

Above solution is incorrect. void OnesAreOdd(int n) { int i=0; while(n!=0) { n=n&(n-1); i=i^1; } return i==1?true:false; }

Given a page size and a number, align the number with the nearest page. (Note: This was a phone interview question. The interviewer and I used an online document to share ideas about this problem.

7 Answers

Please describe how to implement a function to print out a linked list backwards

2 Answers

Implement memcpy.

4 Answers

write a function to set a particular field of register to the desired value. ( For example, set bit 3 - 10 of a word to the given value)

3 Answers

How would you lessen the pressure surge (water hammer) from a valve being closed?

1 Answer

Say the program you are running has stack overflow. You want to know when and where this happens, but you don't want to use debuggers, because they slow. How would you do this?

3 Answers

When would you use inheritance (abstract vs interface in java), can you give an example.

1 Answer

Q1: Find the common ancestor of two nodes in a binary tree (not binary search tree). Interviewers didn't know the complexity. Q2: Write echo client-server model. It is expected to know the signatures of the apis and the arguments passed in bind, listen, accept. Q3: Implement ringbuffer.

2 Answers

Find the words used in some text and report by word length and how often each word appears.

1 Answer