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I don't recall being asked any difficult or unexpected questions. Having done many interviews I answered as honestly and correctly as possible, even if I didn't have answers at the time. I indicated that I am very resourceful and tenacious, and find solutions to problems presented.

Most of the questions were easy, even programming questions were basic

Questions were not difficult, but geared more to figure out how you think.

since this was a test position, questions were mainly regarding the resume and behavioral. Only one interviewer asked questions related to data structures and algorithms.

When would you use a class in object oriented programming?

DNS, How the internet works, Hash maps algorithm, Design Netflix from scratch ( high-end overview)

Tell us about a time when you had a conflict in a project (in any setting) and what you did to overcome said conflict or what you tried to do in order to reach a point of resolution.

Writing PERL scripts on the spot on paper or board. formatting is something you are assumed to using google :(

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