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There are N number of soccer teams, who must all play against each other in a set amount of time (amount of time is irrelevant). Find a way to schedule their games in such a way that there is equal amount of time between games for each team, i.e. all teams get same amount of rest between each game.

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Didn't get to the answer, but one of the things to remember is that it's nearly impossible to do this with a small number of teams.

Tell me about a time you explained a technical topic to someone without a technical background.

Balanced braces technical question.

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Case interview was all about encryption and the risks to a consumer and the company.

Validate the parenthesis in a string ensuring that all open parenthesis have a matching closing.

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An energy company is looking to expand to be nationwide but the current systems aren't expandable and they're having glitches. What would you do? (case style, much more information was given)

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