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Write a method that lists all files in a directory as well as its sub-directories. Assume you already have a method that can list everything in one directory and another method that tells you whether a path is a directory or a file.

Using a programming language of your choice, write a program to find broken images in a page using Selenium Web Driver.

Create 20 test cases for a 2-digit field with a submit button.

What's the reason behind bellow given Selenium WebDriver exception and how will you resolve It? "Exception in thread "main" org.openqa.selenium.NoSuchElementException: Unable to locate element"

A dynamically changing html page contains the following contents, how to locate the input field for the 2nd line item? Question 5 2x 2x

Some basic technical skills question. Fundamentals on the software testing.Resume drill down.

In Perl, how to match strings from two data sources, one a big text file, and the other a smaller text file, and code a whole example on the whiteboard (some pseudo code ok), including reading in both files. The output would be a report summarizing a subset of the big file. The key thing was the string was coming from a variable. So it needed to handle something in this way. # $searchme from the big file, $matchme from the small file if($searchme =~ m/$matchme/) { # emit the valid output as specified }

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NDA. Questions ranged from : QA methodologies, how would I QA a given feature, and code on board for a BST problem.

Asked about my experience and knowledge of implementing and driving testing with Selenium, as well as ways to do any kind of unit testing with Android and Java.

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Given a Bank class java code, list all the test cases you would come up with. Given a tree, decide if it's a binary tree. Given a tree node and integer number, write a method that returns true/false if any path from that node sums up to that number. Given a matrix of 0 and 1, return a set of connected unions of 1s. More code on recursion, Stack, Queue