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Software Tester/Quality Assurance Interview Questions


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Tell me five things you are not.

1 Answer

Tell that you are NOT and then include the opposite of your strengths; the idea is to provide them with ONLY positive feedback: Examples: 1. I am NOT an individual who is laid back about work. I always make sure that I make use of the time and provide the best to my managers. 2. I am NOT a professional that will fall behind schedule; I always make sure to meet the deadlines and plan accordingly. 3. I am NOT a person who is irresponsible; I am always open to accept my responsibilities. 4. I am NOT a professional with limited abilities; I am able to adapt myself to any situation that my job requires for me to be able to accomplish a task. 5. (Use your brain to come up with this one..You got the idea!)

How to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich??

1 Answer

Why epic? Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Mainly verifying resume (Phone)

If you are in charge of a group that wants to take things a different direction, how do you handle this?

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-5 things you are not -a common misconception about you -Describe your assertiveness -why are you interested in epic specifically -2 criticisms from a former supervisor