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Below are some of the questions I could remember that they asked. Hope it helps What is CIDR block and what do you use it for Troubleshoot a webpage that can't access the DB Troubleshoot why you can't access a webpage server What is DOS/DDOS and how to mitigate this What is CDN and why is it important who would setup the CDN What is database indexing and why is it important Difference between NOSQL and RDBS Difference between object storage and file system Difference between Asymetric and symetric crypto Whats a three tier web page architect,and how do you monitor to see a bottleneck and how do you improve it How would you design an e-commerce web page and how would you improve it What is MSA If you collected logs and wanted to store them for 14 days then move them over to permanent storage for a few years how would you do this How would you analyze objects stored in S3 and share them with users What ports do databases use Difference between IOPS, Throughput, and Latency What is a web application firewall and how do you use it, what layer is it on How would you monitor utilization of equipment in a datacenter How do you secure a web site How would a developer make an API friendlier Of the 14 principles which one do you relate with mostly and use at work, Which one do you not agree with

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CIDR - Classless Inter-domain Routing, Which replaced the old class based IP addressing scheme based on A,B & C. CIDR has 2 parts a network Address (samel like normal IP address) followed with a subnet prefix. the subnet prefix decides how many bits of the IP address has taken for network. and rest will be allocated for the subnet.

DoS- Denial of Service DDos - Distributed Denial of service. AWS Shield will provide protection for CDN and S3 from DDoS attack .

IOPS - Input and output per seconds - measure the capacity in terms of the number request can be served in a second. Throughput - The volume of data that can be handles and measured in MBPS Latency - is the time between a request and response.

Name five Linux commands that have five or more letters.

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Suppose you had bank transaction data, and wanted to separate out likely fraudulent transactions. How would you approach it? Why might accuracy be a bad metric for evaluating success?

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Tell me about the decision you made that was wrong/right?

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Asked me what my hobby was and I said golf, then he asked where my mom lives I said india. Proceeded to ask me question how would I allow my mom in India view a picture of me playing golf using a computer and browser

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How do you debug in Python?

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How do you write performant Java code?

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What is a DDoS attack?

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Could you walk me through and draw out a sketch of a recent architecture project you completed?

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They asked me a on hand problem solution.

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