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Customer Solutions Graphic Designer was asked...February 28, 2019

Are you able to work on design projects with color and font restraints because of branding?

2 Answers

Yes, I have tons of experience doing that for freelance jobs.

I was in Corporate branding for 12 years with Try-Spec, very specific colors, fonts and appearance. I have spent the last 2 years doing brand promoting, so I was able to see the other side using specific brand standards for multiple companies and having to follow each companies specific guidelines. I am well versed in using brand standards! Hope all are healthy and safe! Less

Tech Mahindra

how do convince the customer when you rollback the development if you feel the current plan and architecture will not work out or in case of failure?

1 Answers

i can't able to recollect what i said at the time, but this discussion alone went for 15 minutes Less


Whys should we hire you

1 Answers

Different skills which suites perfectly fine for role


What motivates you

1 Answers

I enjoy delivering solutions to clients which meet or exceed their needs/requirements and allows them to fulfil business goals. Then give an example of where you have done this. Less



1 Answers

Service provider Backbone


Tell me about a project which did not go well?

1 Answers

Explained the shortfall with reasons.


Why did you choose TD?

1 Answers

As having long term banking relation with TD, I expressed how TD has helped me to change my life financially grow. On top, compared some of the applications from TD online with other banks.. And how I can rethink/redesign the solutions Less


What are your greatest strengths and weakness ?

1 Answers

Typical answer

Symphony Teleca

Product knowledge

1 Answers

based on previous work experience in the same domain

Forest Laboratories

"If I hire you, will you stick around?"

1 Answers

Of course it's yes, but the turnover is astronomical(1 day, 1 week, 1 month)

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