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How do you convince a CIO of a utility to care about energy efficiency?

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This is a bit of a trick question. CIO really does NOT care about efficiency because it means less revenue. However, some states are mandating efficiency programs and so the CIO wants to do this as cost effectively as possible. Some utilities in some states also face competition for energy consumption, so a customer engagement program that makes consumers feel good about their utility will help with rate approvals and satisfaction ratings, which will boost the bottom line overall.

He cares because if he can lower the system peak number, he can lesson the amount of spinning reserves he must have in place, whixh in effect is stranded capital.

CIO cares since as a company executive he needs to work with his customers (operating unit executives) to cut costs and increase revenues. By providing a solution that mines data to assist customer to save energry usage - the CIO is prioviding a solution for the utility to flatten its energy demand curve.

Role play with interviewer. Interviewer calls you to invest in stock that was recommended by neighbor.

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Given a list of integers and a target number, list all pairs that sum up to that number

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What port does ftp use? (That seemed like a trick question because they only wanted one port)

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What are the packets sent in a TCP connection?

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Write a program which stores the results of the numbers in a Fibonancci sequence in an array

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Below are some of the questions I could remember that they asked. Hope it helps What is CIDR block and what do you use it for Troubleshoot a webpage that can't access the DB Troubleshoot why you can't access a webpage server What is DOS/DDOS and how to mitigate this What is CDN and why is it important who would setup the CDN What is database indexing and why is it important Difference between NOSQL and RDBS Difference between object storage and file system Difference between Asymetric and symetric crypto Whats a three tier web page architect,and how do you monitor to see a bottleneck and how do you improve it How would you design an e-commerce web page and how would you improve it What is MSA If you collected logs and wanted to store them for 14 days then move them over to permanent storage for a few years how would you do this How would you analyze objects stored in S3 and share them with users What ports do databases use Difference between IOPS, Throughput, and Latency What is a web application firewall and how do you use it, what layer is it on How would you monitor utilization of equipment in a datacenter How do you secure a web site How would a developer make an API friendlier Of the 14 principles which one do you relate with mostly and use at work, Which one do you not agree with

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You are to write pseudo code O(n) algorithm to maximize a one day trade. You will have 5 days of predicted prices and your algorithm must choose what day to buy and sell to maximize gains.

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What is the fastest Big O equation?

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Given a 3-digit number, find the next number using the same digits. Eg. if number is 124, code must return 214.

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