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Writing search strings on a board.

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Explain your thought process in detail.

How did you handle a time when you had to manage a project?

Are you a good recruiter? Very basic questions and not involved in the interview process. No fact finding questions, all close ended so just gave yes/no answers. This job pays $20 hr so maybe they were not worried about skills. Just didn't seem too involved at all

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Give an example of a time when you didn't meet a commitment. Give an example of a time that you didn't meet a commitment to a team member. As I look back I feel like they only asked variations of this question. My boredom at answering this question surely came through, because a couple of my interviewers muffled yawns when I attempted to answer this question again. Because they all asked similar questions, I began to get confused about whether I had provided that particular example already. I even asked if I had told her about "that example" yet. I actually had a few dreams after the interview about the interview.

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You are given a brick and a blanket. Come up with as many ideas for it as possible (logical or non-logical). This is to see how quickly you can think on your feet.

Scripted and rigid questions like: Tell me about a time you overcame a challenge you had at work.

they asked pretty average behavioral questions.

Nothing surprising, the focus was more on soft skills and ability to learn new information quickly.

How would you manage your time to be most effective in sourcing and recruiting prospective candidates? What tools would you use to source those candidates?

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