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Account Executive Interview Questions in South San Francisco, CA

"When hiring account executives, employers are looking for candidates with the communication and sales skills to find and acquire new clients. In an interview, be ready to discuss your experience sourcing new business opportunities, familiarity with sales strategies, and ability to close deals with clients."

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The actual time that I spent with the owner of the company (the interviewer) was kind of brief. She mainly asked me what was my long time goal and she also asked me whether I wanted a job which I could grow with the company together. She also wanted me to quit my current job right away if I wanted to start working for her.

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I mainly told her that, for now, I was looking for a new job that I could make more money than the current job

The marketing executive asked me a very peculiar question: What is cloud?

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She mainly asked me about my background and about my long time goal.

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Why do you want to work here?

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What does Yelp do? Can you explain the position? How does Yelp's business work? Why do you want to work at Yelp? Do you have sales experience? Are you comfortable with cold calls, etc? They seem to be really hung up on knowing (and explaining in detail) what Yelp does (fair enough) so make sure you do your research and read the blogs and regurgitate info back to them.

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If given your book of business today, what would your approach to working it be?

Which type of management style do you work best under?