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Associate Scientist Interview Questions in South San Francisco, CA


Associate scientist interview questions shared by candidates

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Examples for handling conflict, troubleshooting, downside of collaborations. Why are you interested in this particular position and in Genentech? Working principle of few instruments or analytical techniques listed on resume.

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Two slides into my presentation, I started getting asked good questions about my study methods. Some of the questions were about how I determined categories for variables or how I calculated measures.

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The interviewers each asked several questions when we met 1:1. The questions ranged from what specific statistical terms meant to how do you interpret study results in certain scenarios.

General science and behavioral questions

How does your background fits you for the position?

If you had a fight with one colleague during a discussion at the meeting, what did you do?

I was not prepared when they mentioned that the position would require very little creativity, i.e no thought or scientific expertise, just grunt work.

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Q: Can you tell me about yourself regarding your work experience?

How would you handle someone that continues to disregard what you tell them?

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