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Product Manager Interview Questions in South San Francisco, CA

Often considered the "CEO" of their product area, product managers oversee the strategy, production, and implementation of a particular product. Because product management teams include members from different backgrounds such as engineering, design, and data design, product managers must have strong communication skills and excel in cross-functional work environments. Expect to answer questions about your management abilities, prioritization skills, and experience working in product. Though not required, technical backgrounds are advantageous particularly when applying for roles at tech companies.

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Unexpected question: "What would you expect your annual bonus to be?"

1 Answer

I'd like to think any incentive bonus would reflect my contributions to the team and to the company. A toast to another great year would be a good start.

I was asked to put together a presentation and give it to the hiring managers during my second round of interviews. It took a tremendous amount of time and effort

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Let's say the feature you just pitched didn't work for 70% of our users using Evernote for Windows, what would you do?

Can you walk me through your understanding of the ad ecosystem and the role Gamut plays in it?

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Pick an Evernote product and improve it

If you have a critical defect and a feature, how do you determine which one to prioritize? Let's say, there is measurable detriment from the bug each day it's not fixed and value from implementing the feature. Bug takes x days to fix, while feature takes x+n

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Would you rather be a leader or a manager?

Deep dive into past product management experience