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Scientist Interview Questions in South San Francisco, CA

"The questions you are asked in an interview for a position as a scientist will depend greatly on field of science you intend to work in. Generally, interviewers will be interested in your formal education, field of study and specialization, work, internship, and research experience, scientific writing skills, and interest in the subject matter. Expect to be asked technical questions that pertain to the knowledge needed to perform the duties of the job. While there are some positions open to scientists who possess associates' or bachelors' degrees, most jobs will require you to have at least a masters' degree with the majority requiring you to have a doctorate."

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Whether I was okay with multitasking or not in fast pace work environment

1 Answer


I know you know a lot about your research, but why don't you tell me about "X's" research project, findings, and significance.

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I was given many detailed technical problem scenarios and asked how to solve them. By all measures, they were not hypothetical. They were looking for creative solutions to existing problems.

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When is a good day for you to start that coding challenge?

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There really wasn't an unexpected for difficult question. Everything was based on my resume.

Have you ever encountered batch effect or any technical effect. What was the impact on your data and how do you control for these unwanted variables.

Why do you want to leave your current employer? How would you like to grow in your next position? What is your ideal work environment?

Why the desire to join Genentech coming from a smaller biotech company?

"Describe a situation in which you had to build consensus to achieve a goal"