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Convert a string to an integer

6 Answers

Not exactly super, but should do for a whiteboard: int myatoi (char *str) { int retval; int sign; sign = 1; if (*str == '-') { sign = -1; str++; } retval = 0; while (*str) { retval *= 10; retval += *str - '0'; str++; } return (retval * sign); }

I think, there is bug at statement if (*str == '-1') ........ what if str = "-1234"

Bug, The check is just for the first character of the string - your version will not even compile...

( At a white-board ) How would you implement this rails erb pseudo code snippet using backbone.js?

1 Answer

Have you ever had issues with jasmine.js?

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Data modeling question, basic concepts of SDLC, concepts like CI/CD approach. SQL group by vs having, a basic sql script. Coding question involving a Hash table.

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List our company goals provided on our website?

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List our company benefits provided on our website?

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They asked a little about the biotech projects I brought up, but not much of any technical questions about computer science, and this was a software engineering job. ...meaning...They base their decision on things other than the actual skills required for the job. If you have great people skills, MAYBE you'll do well with all 7 or 8 people. But it's still a crap shoot.

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1) variants of using heap for finding max n elements from the given array 2) variant of shuffling a card pack 3) i a card game you have n cards and a deck on table and an open card on table, you need to throw 1 card either of same value OR higher value first from your pack then deck. first one to finish is winner. design this game 4) system design: design hotel management.

Behavioral questions like why Amgen, tell me about the mission of Amgen, how would you resolve a conflict, how would you go about learning a new concept/skill.