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Southwest Airlines Interview Questions

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Interviewer kept asking if I was aware of what the job entailed!

2 Answers

I know that as a CSA with SWA, you're required to lift 70 lbs., work ticketing, gates, or baggage.

As aCSA,U?????'re required ??? push,pull A??????d????? also ??? stand for ?????? long period of time

If the weather has gone down at your destination and the flight was dispatched without an alternate, what would you do?

4 Answers

what were your likes/dislikes in your previous position

1 Answer

They are not looking for the right answers they are seeking the right "fit" for their company or department

1 Answer

What was your most difficult class and why?

1 Answer

Behavioral questions

1 Answer

If you are working with someone who is in a bad mood what would you do to try to change their attitude?

1 Answer

Are you SURE that you've never committed a felony or misdemeanor?

1 Answer

What did I like most about my current job.

1 Answer

Why Southwest?

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