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Spanish Teacher Interview Questions

"When interviewing for a Spanish teaching position, you can expect to quizzed on your fluency in Spanish and answer questions about your methods of teaching and ability to work with children, teenagers, or young adults. Be prepared to provide an example of a lesson plan or explain how you'd provide assistance to a struggling student. Be aware that public schools require specific teaching credentials whereas private schools may not."

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How I could engage parents in order to make them feel welcomed in the school community.

1 Answer

I told the the interviewer how I thought it was paramount to foster relationships between parents and teachers. I said that I stayed in communication with parents in a prior job via email, progress reports, and monthly news letters

What is your experience in teaching Spanish?

1 Answer

What would you do if a child misbehaves?

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What would be my reaction to discipline issues to an extreme action.

1 Answer

State the Dallas ISD's core values

1 Answer

If you have a student who was not turning in homework, what would you do?

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My teaching Philosophy.

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With you handle problems in class?

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If I would be willing to work four days a week in the 2 year olds class and teach Spanish one day a week.

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