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Tell me why you want to work here.

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Not really a hard question--but the pat answer "I want to help veterans" doesn't have enough meat to it. Research the area for which you are interviewing (VHA, VBA, NCA etc) and note the awards and recognition that area has received in the press. See how that connects to your skills and interests, and mention it in the interview e.g., I noticed that NCA is recognized for their customer service. I pride myself on my customer service skills, and feel I could both contribute and learn from the NCA team.

An analysis of how you would respond in a given situation. or how did you handle decision making.

What 2-3 of the best/worst parts of high school/college/past jobs?

Are you comfortable giving orders to other students who may be the same age or older than you?

Expectation of knowing the agency's three priority goals. When I interviewed these were still being finalized but I was expected to still know and understand them.

The instructions I received: "How about researching what each airline offers for meals u can buy on board and we can c if any r vegan and if not how easy and why they shld make vegan if nearly there.. Then if u have info and convincing argument cld draft letters to approp people at them."

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