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What is a situation in which you have been challenged by a student and how did you meet that challenge and learn from it for future lessons

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I talked about a student with autism I had that used to spit on me and other paras every time we tried to get him to learn and do work. I explained the many tactics we came up with and tried as a team and the many ways I tried on my own to get his behavior to change. Until we finally came up with a tactic of reward and recoil that got him away from spiting and excited to do work.

I had a student who would keep talking even when she wasn’t supposed to. I tried changing her seat frequently, talking to her parents then finally settled on having her take a paper and write out what’s on her mind in the back of the room which seemed most effective. I also found that letting her help with tasks worked

What would you do if a student became physically aggressive in the classroom?

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Do you think all students can succeed at high levels?

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What subjects are you qualified to teach? Are you flexible in your teaching style?

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What would you do if you heard a staff member speaking badly about another teacher, yourself, or a student in your classroom?

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If you encountered two coworkers engaging in gossip, what would you do?

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How did you handle a stressful situation on the job?

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Tell me your experiences

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Why do you want to be an educational paraprofessional?

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It has been very different each time. Some ask to see a portfolio, some are not interested at all. I was asked some very specific questions, such as, "what were your students test scores from the previous year and how did you move their scores up?"

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