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Do you think all students can succeed at high levels?

8 Answers

Yes! I think this is an extremely important question to say yes to.


yes with the right help and support

What subjects are you qualified to teach? Are you flexible in your teaching style?

3 Answers

What would you do if you heard a staff member speaking badly about another teacher, yourself, or a student in your classroom?

2 Answers

how can you help a student? What is the IEP process?

2 Answers

How did you handle a stressful situation on the job?

2 Answers

It has been very different each time. Some ask to see a portfolio, some are not interested at all. I was asked some very specific questions, such as, "what were your students test scores from the previous year and how did you move their scores up?"

2 Answers

Why are you a good fit?

2 Answers

Are you comfortable working with children who have additional learning disabilities?

2 Answers

What is the first priority option between your job or your family?

2 Answers

If a kid was misbehaving, what would do?

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