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You are trying to access a file on a shared drive, but cannot (somewhat vague way to phrase question, but that is its intent I suppose)

2 Answers

"Can you explain what the job is?"

2 Answers

Since you rated yourself high in product knowledge in the ____ department, pick a product from that department and pretend that you're selling it to us.

2 Answers

how many stores does apple have?

5 Answers

These type of interviews always ask things like, How did you handle working with a coworker that didn't like you?

2 Answers

Name a negative about yourself.

3 Answers

Cap One has a clearly defined process, which they tell you up front. If you do your homework, nothing should be a surprise.

2 Answers

I was asked to explain the nitrogen cycle, identify four freshwater live bearers, identify four types of tetras, explain how a hydrometer works, and determine the best temperature for an aquarium.

2 Answers

Explain a situation where you disappointed a customer and how you fixed the situation.

2 Answers

Why to you want to work at an Apple store.

2 Answers
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