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"As you may know, we here at WFM have 8 Core Values. What are some of your Core Values that you have in common with WFM?" (paraphrased heavily)

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I made a comment of how the Cooperative Principles (the "Core Values" of co-ops) are basically the same thing, and that I thought it was impressive that WFM basically has the same set of values, but interpreted more in terms of being a private business as opposed to a cooperative one. I said that I am a true believer in organics and sustainable food systems, that I try to do my part in my personal life when it comes to environmental stewardship, because it's not OUR planet, we just live on it. I also made a comment about an interview that I had read with the CEO John Mackey where he said something to the effect of, "a business doesn't need to be ruthless to be successful", which really struck me as amazing and different, because that's more of an attitude that you find in the cooperative grocery world rather than the privately-owned one.

"Here at WFM, we talk a lot about "Shared-Fate". What do you think "Shared-Fate" means, and how do you think it applies to the way we do things here at WFM?" (or something to that effect)

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What gets you frustrated about your job?

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What's your favorite meal?

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Describe how you would make a memorable sandwich for a customer?

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How the values of the company aligned with my own

Tell me about a time you offered great customer service?

When did you have to make an ethical decision at work?

Nothing in particular that stands out. Just be yourself.

Why do you want to work for whole foods, where do you see yourself 5 years from now and my past experience on retail,

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