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Specimen Accessioner Interview Questions


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Most difficult questions were "what do you know about labcorp? can you tell me what a specimen is? Give me some examples? what are some characteristics of a good specimen accessioner? What's your favorite type of management style?"

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Look up LabCorp on wikipedia or linkedin for info about the company. A specimen is a sample of something to be tested. Urine, blood, saliva, bacteria culture, etc. Pay close attention to detail, be able to work well with others, and follow directions accurately.

Define Universal Precautions

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What would I do if I saw something that doesn't look right?

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Have you ever worked as an accessioner before?

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How does graveyard sound to you?

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What education, experience, and skills do you fell you have that would contribute to this job? (paraphrased)

Do you know what a specimen is?

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The questions were your average interview questions.

Tell me what you think your 2 greatest skills are? Weaknesses?

Do you have any data entry experience? What do you like/don't like about your current/prior supervisor?

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