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Would i commit to working for the agency for a year and sign a contract.

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I said I plan to work there for as long as i am happy but can't imagine an agency wanting someone to continue employment if they were not happy in their job. What kind of employee would that be for the agency?

Patient continuity is important as our clients become very attached to their therapist. The intent of a year commitment to foster continuity of care is the essence of the question. All of our contracts have exit clauses in them for both the agency and the contractor. Should the agency become unsatisfied with the contractor's service or the contractor wish to stop providing service for any reason, neither are locked into the contract commitment without options. It is expected, however, that proper notice to end the relationship would be given per the terms of the contract.

I have worked for a few companies who have lengthy contracts with multiple additions and huge loop holes who ask for a year. This contract was to the point, efficient and spelled out my expectations. It does state exit terms, with an patient care you need to ensure that the patient doesn't suffer. I was glad to sign.

Previous experience

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Tell me about a time you disagreed with a member of the special education team and how you dealt with it.

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What do you specialize in?

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What computer programs are you familiar with?

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Why do you want to work with Presence Learning?

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There was not a single technical question other than what certifications I had.

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Really nothing unexpected or difficult

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What type of salary are you looking for?

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