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Why do you want to work for ASPIRE? Tell me about your experience with the education system? Tell me about a time you disagreed with a supervisor and what was the outcome? Tell me about a time you experienced a difficult child behaviorally and how did you approach it?

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I want to work for ASPIRE because you work with the same population whom I have always been passionate about, the low-income underserved youth. This position gives me the opportunity to be a part of the solution rather than just talking about it. With my current supervisor sometimes we don't see eye to eye in how to handle the kids. I take the time and listen to her and since she is the supervisor she has the final word so I respect her opinion and make it work

ASPIRE serves the population of students whom I have always been passionate about educating: the low-income youth. It gives me a chance to be a part of the educational process rather than just talking about it. Additionally, I would like to keep working in the afterschool sector. Last year I had a couple of students who were exceptionally challenging. They would do as they pleased: walk out of class without permission, walk around the class instead of sitting in their seats. For the girl, I had a meeting with her mother in the class. We chose a seat for her to sit in everyday when she comes to class to do her work. I also assigned her special jobs to do when she's finished working. The assigned seat worked. One day I had to tell her twice to sit down and do her work and she came into the class late from the bathroom. I made her miss out on free coloring and explained why. In one instance another teacher informed me that she lied about going outside to get her bag. She was playing. I decreased the opportunities for her to go outside by having extra work packets and using the bathroom in the class. For the boy after talking to him twice I would have him sit in time out for 5 minutes then ask him why he's there. He would do better after the time outs and started to help clean the class on his own

sometimes I don't always agree with the way the teacher in my class does things but I listen to her point of view and try to handle things the way she does as much as possible

Would i commit to working for the agency for a year and sign a contract.

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Do you work well with others? What is an example?

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What diseases/disorders would you expect to have swallowing disorders?

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What specialty of medicine do you view trachs? Pulmonary or ENT

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I was asked how I could contribute to the team as a whole.

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If you were reviewing a CT or MRI scan, where would you expect to see lesions that correspond with swallowing difficulties?

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What type of experience did I have with feeding therapy?

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How do you handle dysphagia therapy?

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