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Open question: can you describe some challenging problems you encounter and how do you solve it later?

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I described my understanding of a feed-forward neural network and later I enhance the flexibility and robustness of the framework, and apply it to some classification problem that in my daily work.

Programming question: find the number of connected components from 2-dimensional grid (mark 1s as component, 0s for others).

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How to train the first mono-phone acoustic model?

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Asked my research experience, detailed machine learning / pattern classification algorithms and how to crack some practical questions. Asked for programming skills.

One technical question was not necessarily harder than the others, depending on your background. The hardest question was the first one, about what my role was on previous projects, because I was nervous. I rambled.

General machine learning questions, and model comparison. Projects you do.

Sorry I did not go to your talk this morning, I don't quite understand your work from your resume, why did you do that in your Ph.D

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