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Speech Therapist Interview Questions


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Do you feel like you deal with crises quickly and decisively or do you deliberate?

1 Answer

I stumbled on this one. I haven't had too many crises. I'd say that if I had the training and knowledge I wouldn't need to deliberate in an emergency.

One question that was asked during the interview involved knowledge of new techniques and programs that related to speech pathology.

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Are you ready to work or do you need the shadow first?

1 Answer

Experience, Certifications, Licensing, Liability Insurance

Where do you see yourself as a therapist in five years?

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Specific to the field, such as "How would you address a temper tantrum behavior?". "What is the difference between a delay, a deficit and disorder and how would you address each?"

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What is your knowledge of HIPAA and Medicaid compliances.

Overall experience, outline experience and training thus far

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