Registered Nurse Interview Questions in Springfield, MA

Registered Nurse Interview Questions in Springfield, MA

Working as a registered nurse involves providing direct care to patients in various health care settings. When interviewing for a position as a registered nurse, you'll likely face questions about your nursing experience and how you handle stressful situations.

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Top Registered Nurse Interview Questions & How to Answer

Here are three top registered nurse interview questions and how to answer them.

Question #1: How do you work as part of a team?

How to answer: Health care providers work together as part of a team to provide better care to patients and address their unique needs. When you answer this question, use the STAR method (situation, task, action, result) to outline a specific situation in which you collaborated well with your team and the positive outcome that came from doing so. Describe your collaboration, flexibility, and cooperation skills in your answer.

Question #2: How would you describe effective patient education?

How to answer: When answering a question about educating patients, a task that often falls on the RN, emphasize the importance of adapting to different learning styles to provide quality education. You might talk about different options to indicate a willingness to cater to the needs of a patient and demonstrate your communication skills.

Question #3: Describe a situation in which you worked with a difficult patient.

How to answer: Across all areas of health care, registered nurses will encounter difficult and uncooperative patients. In your answer, talk about a situation in which you faced a challenging patient and what you did to help them feel more comfortable and at ease.

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Fort HealthCare
Registered Nurse was asked...April 24, 2012

What would you do if you entered a patient room and found them unconscious.

5 Answers

Following standard bedside emergnecy practice, first I would call a code immediately, then begin checking the patient’s breathing and circulation. When help arrives make sure to have adequate IV access and then follow directions from the physician. Less

assuming this is an inpatient scenario and other staff are within communication distance; you’ve already checked for responsiveness, check carotid pulse & for ADEQUATE respiration, call a code and begin CPR. Less

Stay with the client but call for help check the spo2 if low commence oxygen send for doctor check for other vital signs, check Blood sugar levels , when the doctor comes follow instructions and document all you have been doing. Less

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HCA Florida Largo Hospital

how have I responded to difficult situations in prior jobs

2 Answers

kept everyone calm, performed according to need (emergency medical intervention; crisis intervention; customer service appeasement Less

I would speak with their parents to figure out what methods of teaching work best as well as research any studies that have been performed that give recommendations on what teaching methods to use for different disabilities. Less

Monroe County Hospital
Med Surg RN was asked...October 27, 2015

How do you handle crucial conversations?

1 Answers

I do my best to focus on a positive aspect of the situation before moving into the "crucial part of the conversation" Less

Arkansas Children's

The ICU environment can be very stressful. How do you think you will handle that stress?

1 Answers

For the most part, I have healthy stress management skills. If there is a situation or circumstance that stresses me significantly beyond my ability to cope, I would seek out my immediate supervisors or colleagues for tips. Less

Cleveland Clinic

Tell me about a time you resolved a conflict between two people. What was the conflict?

1 Answers

Told the recruiter about an incident between a patient and nurse during nursing school and how I intervend to insure the patient's needs were met and the nurse could recover the service delivery. The recruiter was impressed about me recovering the service delivery. The Cleveland Clinic likes service recovery. Less

King Edward Memorial Hospital

Please tell us the steps for a laporoscopic cholecystectomy from the patient is preped and draped.

1 Answers


Kaiser Permanente

How do deal with a uncooperative family memeber/patient?

1 Answers

Listen attentively to their needs. Address concerns and be a patient advocate make the patient feel empowered to make decisions about their health. Less

Kaiser Permanente

Tell me what you would do if you heard a rumor about someone and then you had to work with them. Would you assume it to be true or get to know the person first.

10 Answers

dont participate in this crap at work!!!!!!

I do not get involved with gossip at work

Make my opinion of this person based on my own interactions with them.

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Hospital Santa Marcelina

Se vc vi se um colega preparando uma medicação errada oque vc faria

10 Answers

Chamaria ele e ajudaria, juntamente com a prescrição medica

Chamaria ele de canto, e ofereci ajudar a preparar a medicação correta

Chamaria ele de canto se ele estivesse pronto a fazer a medicação e na frente do paciente diria que o médico alterou a prescrição e ofereceria ajuda Less

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