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Retail Sales Interview Questions in St. Louis, MO


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How did you display great customer service? Give me an example of a time you were a leader. What are three of your skills? What is something you need to personally work on?

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How do you react when you are facing an angry customer and have to help them resolve their issue?

Tell me about your previous employment, your responsibilities and why you left?

Have you ever had experience meeting a sales quota? Do you feel comfortable in a sales driven position?

The most non-standard thing I had to do was teach the interviewer something (anything.)

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Sell me the phone in your pocket, was pretty much the hardest question they asked. Like I stated before they asked just general why do you want to work here, and why do you think you will do well working here questions. It was far from rocket science.

Why do you think you should be hired with us?

Are you good with rejection? Or how do you handle rejection?

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