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Sales Manager Interview Questions in St. Louis, MO

"As a sales manager, it's your job to guide your team to success by setting appropriate quotas and goals, building sales plans, establishing training programs, and and developing sales strategies. Employers are looking for candidates who are skilled negotiators, planners, and leaders. In an interview, come ready to discuss your management style and how you've closed sales in the past. Excelling in sales is all about delivering superb customer service, so be prepared to offer a sales pitch on the spot or answer a scenario question about handling tough customers."

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How would you sell this.....whatever was on interviewers desk. Paperclip for mine. Questions not difficult. Culture is about providing magical experience for their customers.

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Gave specific examples of how I gave outstanding customer service in the past.

Are you comfortable with heights?

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"What do/did your parents do for a living?'

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Several questions weren't job relevant. One in particular struck me as odd, "What do your sisters and brothers do for a living?"

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Few real interview questions. Mostly just trying to sell the business concept.

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Can't really remember, pretty standard stuff asking how I would grow the Team Sales business, what I had learned in my past position.

I had a decent amount of retail experience with a what was in hindsight a really good company, so I sort of led the conversation and blew them away. I feel like they're used to interviewing fresh out of college kids that just need a job and have no retail management experience. If you know what you're talking about you'll be fine.

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