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If you were project manager and you and your team finished the project under budget, and had to decide what to do with the rest of the money left over, would you: Divide the money with your team equally Keep it Divide the money with your team with level of contribution and rank being the ones who receive the most

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No wrong answer.

Is the correct answer to split equally or by rank proportionally?

No wrong answer, just a good explanation of why you chose it.

Leadership questions

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Would you be ok doing technical work?

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explain 3 recent changes or improvements that you have made in your personal, social, or educational life

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The most difficult questions during the interview were in fact ones that I didn't associate with the interview at all. Secretly, the interviewers observed your personality habits, like how you interact with a waitress if you're at a lunch interview, or just how easy you are to talk with in general.

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when were you faced with a team member issue?

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Case was a bit difficult.

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What is the first thing you would do, on the first day on the job?

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Draw the last system you architected

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If you were a manager and you were tasked to pick a team, how would you go about picking a team? What if someone that you chose to be on your team wanted to be on another role?

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