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Plot Bode plot for an unstable transfer function

1 Answer

For an unstable transfer function, no Bode plot can be plotted. :)

explain how semaphores and mutex are used. what structure is used in making your own malloc command.

How would you track disk usage in the firmware on the drive?

Phone call interview: Whats static data type? volatile data type? what is structure ? Union ? Memory address space structure. processes ? Threads ? Inter-thread communication. Inter-process communication. Interrupts. system call. stack region. where does the global variables get stored ? what is mutex? Deadlock ? Atomic operation ? Questions related to DDR2: how to identify read and write waveforms how did you code for center aligned strobe while writing data ? blocking and non blocking (verilog) How latches are generated? Why do we need synchronization between controller and SDRAM? and how did you achieve it ? Onsite: First round was scripting. He had brought some codes and he asked me the operation. Then he showed me one file content and asked to fetch line data having "#define" at the start of line. What is deadlock ? second round was memory structure? How dats gets stored in memory. Bit-level C programming. Third round : He asked me global and local variables scope related questions by showing some codes. Then type casting related questions/coding. Fourth round was longer. we went to cafeteria and brought food in room only. They dint even let me eat. I dint even finish half from my plate. They kept asking me questions for next 4 rounds. This round was on DDR and bit level C programming. How to design number divide by 5 operation in Hardware ? Fifth round was on Data structure. Sixth round was on Verification and C++. What is formal verification ? Random constraints ? Assertions ? design Malloc function. I was not at all prepared for Verification. This was the reason for my rejection though I was good in all other rounds. Seventh round was on Computer Architecture. Pipeline, virtual memory, cache. ideally what should be the block size ?

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