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What does wood and alcohol have in common?

17 Answers

two Os


both burn

I have $1M on hands. You're invited to a gangling game. Tails: Payoff: twice you bet (if you bet $1, you will get $2+ your bet). Heads= you lose your bet. How much would you bet (it's a one-off gamble, no second chance).

6 Answers

How many race heats are needed to find the 3 fastest pinewood derby cars out of a field of 8, if only 4 cars can run at a time (assuming that every car will always run the way/speed and each lane is exactly equivalent)?

7 Answers

If you have a 600 digit number with only 0's and 1's, and exactly 300 1's, can the number be a square?

6 Answers

writing assements

3 Answers

If you were project manager and you and your team finished the project under budget, and had to decide what to do with the rest of the money left over, would you: Divide the money with your team equally Keep it Divide the money with your team with level of contribution and rank being the ones who receive the most

3 Answers

Suppose you have a device that fires an interrupt every time it fills up with 5 bits of information; how do you commit this data into a 32-bit addressable memory location, without any padding bits?

3 Answers

Given a series of strings, find the biggest common prefix.

4 Answers

How do you reverse print a string. After answering the same by providing an out of the box API, the next unexpected question was "What if it does NOT exist". While and 2nd alternative was provided, it was pretty much shot down as being not acceptable.

3 Answers

What is your salary range?

3 Answers
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