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Was asked to show samples of my design work.

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I brought a portfolio of my work.

Questions on how I would approach a problem that they have already solved in the past.

Technical Q&A Look at this FEA model, will it break (based on the maximum load)? Point out areas of stress concentration in this piece of equipment More questions based to determine your problem solving ability/approach and thought process, you can be totally wrong but its important to show how you developed your answer. Personality based Q&A: Why are you leaving your current job? Greatest strength/weakness? What do you like to do in your spare time? Are you a team player or solo? How do you manage multiple projects and organization skills?

Technical: How to calculate cantilever beam deflection? Physics or math problems, etc. What is your expectation about yourself in five year? Why you like to join WD?

Do you have a family?

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Are you part Asian?

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How would you design an alarm clock for a blind person?

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