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Was asked to show samples of my design work.

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I brought a portfolio of my work.

Are you part Asian?

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Why do you want to leave your current position?

How would you design an alarm clock for a blind person?

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Do you have a family?

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Questions on how I would approach a problem that they have already solved in the past.

On interviewer spoke broken english and was very hard to understand, asked textbook and theory questions and not in a very clear process, seemed like he Googled and wrote down a bunch of questions from a search to ask prior to the interview, saw notes and theory written on a legal pad. Asking questions on free body diagrams, mechanics and thermodynamics, like write and explain Gibbs free energy equation and explain the three laws of thermodynamics. Did not ask too much that would be used daily as the job was described, the theory can be referenced in a book or Googled when needed, people do it all the time and little is used daily unless you work in a research. No applicable skills and appears this person was a recent fresher with not too much practical experience in the field.

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Technical: How to calculate cantilever beam deflection? Physics or math problems, etc. What is your expectation about yourself in five year? Why you like to join WD?

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