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All of the interviews were technical. some gave flow chart diagram and asked to come up with test plan and testcases. Asked Unix networking questions,SQL command queries.Some gave sample programs and asked how I will test the app etc...

Many tech questions. Many questions concerning previous experience, inaction with direct reports, management skills, motivating different types of employees based on personality type, etc.

write code in any language and explain the logical parts with examples about ledgers.

Explain anything which you have done, that you are proud of.

1. how will you manage when there is high stress at work 2. How will you fix conflicts with developers 3.sql queries -distinct on multiple columns, duplicates on 3 fields -how will you display distinct on all 3 fields, replace null with '4' without using update -using select query 4. Failed in production, passed in test -how will you handle this as a QA member 5. 1 million records ,but 100K mising in destination table, how will you find where its missing . 6. Agile/JIRA 7. unique creative way of doing wokr-in past with eg

There was not unexpected question. They asked simple Java questions.

1st Phone screen : HR 2nd : Technical interview with an engineer - "Look and Say" Method 6 rounds of interview 1st round : Technical - Anagrams and File Lookup for the particular string 2nd : Lunch with 2 interviewers 3rd : Debugging and developing test cases for a problem 4th : Resume overview 5th : Technical - Missing elements in an Arithmetic Progression sequence 6th : Debugging question

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