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LRS Healthcare
Staff RN was asked...November 10, 2017

What experience do you have?

4 Answers

13 years of CVICU

job experience as nurse medical technology department .

hi dear sir /madam i am a qualify nurse ,qualify medical laboratory technician degree (pediatric medical) in kabul medical university but unfortunately due to war situation i could not complete i have flown as a refugee in UK i used to work in J R Hospital with a good recommendation letter from (MAUand MSSU) I,ve got a lots of job experience in my country job as nurse in UK hca . Less

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West Jefferson Medical Center

When can you begin employment

4 Answers


Depending wen you hire me

Answered that I wouldn't be in the area for another month or 2

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Erickson Senior Living
Staff RN was asked...October 30, 2020

What is one weakness you have

3 Answers

I tend to have more to do than time to it.

A weakness in my character is that I am.constantly catching myself taking things too personally when it hurts my feelings and the other person never meant to hurt my feelings or caused me any emotional harm they were more on the lines of giving me positive reinforcement or constructive criticism. Less

Tend to find myself taking things too personally whether it is my personal life social life or work life. By that I mean when somebody is trying to give me advice or constructive criticism I tend to take it personal when they definitely don't mean to cause me harm or hurt my feelings but more so give me guidance and provide me with advice to help improve doing things a different way . The positive side of that is I am always open to advice and will listen and try anything as long as it is within the rules of my position. Less

Cornerstone Healthcare Group
Staff RN was asked...April 20, 2018

Why do you want to work in LTACH?

3 Answers

I have a desire to be part of a proactive team that leaves a legacy of value in their greatest resources, their employees . Less

I am looking for a career not a job... somewhere I can consider home.. my work family. Less

I am looking for a career not a job. I want a place to call home, a work family.

BJC HealthCare
Staff RN was asked...August 22, 2019

Why do you want to work for this company

3 Answers

I’ve worked for Bjc in the past and I’m very familiar with its culture and mission. Great place to work. Less

I worked in the Pediatric Setting and would very much love to return that patient population. I loved going to work and upholding their mission statement to be a Guardian of Childhood. Less

See above


Name a weakness?

3 Answers


Droop in the life

Choose something you can turn into a positive or something that you are working on that you can give positive results. Less

Strategic Behavioral Health
Staff RN was asked...January 8, 2016

How do you feel about restraining patients, have you done this before.

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UT Health East Texas
Staff RN was asked...February 5, 2019

What I would be doing in 3 years

3 Answers

I planned to be working.

Working in the career field I enjoy

Advancing in my career

Colorado Coalition for the Homeless

Why do you want to work here?

2 Answers

That is false there are plenty of Hispanic and black homeless and nothing is a scam. Come down to Stout Street and see all the tents with people who eat, sleep and live in them. Please provide facts or ask. Less

Because all the homeless in Denver are white, and it's a scam. Their research, proves this. No blacks, no Hispanics, no Asian. Welcome to the Democratic world. Less

MedStar Washington Hospital Center
Staff RN was asked...October 7, 2016

Tell me about a situation when you had conflict and how you resolved it.

2 Answers

Conflict with coworker.

I talk to my coworker directly and we gone solve together.

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