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I guess not really a question because I was not asked - but several times the same person said she did not think I would be happy there.

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After answering the concern earlier in the interview process I did not know what to say by the end when it kept coming up. I did not think any answer would have changed her mind.

That seems like a very odd and unprofessional thing for an interviewer to say. Even if it was a casual observation on the interviewer's part, I can't see it having any place in an interview for a career-level position.

Based on your parallel to a candy store, I would imagine that the “you won’t be happy here” to mean, we can’t pay you what you’re expecting (ergo, you won’t be “happy” here). I had a very similar situation, I was over qualified for the position but had just moved cities. I was willing to ‘start’ somewhere, but they were skeptical whether I would stay long term, because they knew they couldn’t pay me what I was worth at the time.

Tell us how your experiences could help in this role?

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A lot of us on the team surf, do you?

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Why are you interested in ERM? What makes you think you will be a good candidate for the position? What do you do in your free time? How did you fall upon ERM in your job search? What are your personal and professional goals? Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

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What would your last employer say was your greatest weakness?

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If given the resources to pursue any research angle at the company, what did I see as a critical direction to advance the field and address their biological/medical question.

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Derive and implement logistic regression.

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Will you accept this amount?

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Q: Tell me about your background

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Very basic since it was a entry level position. The most focus was on personality and will to learn whatever is thrown at you. They did want to know what I focused on at college

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