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Given a tree, how would determine if it is a binary search tree ?

2 Answers

1. Design a workflow system 2. Print binary tree nodes in zig zag order level by level. 3. Basic CS questions like, what happens when you hit "" on browser, database design questions, scalability questions etc..

1. Find the least common ancestor (LCA) in a binary tree. Pointer from node to parent is NOT present. Design the tree node and write the method that returns the LCA 2. Given a circularly rotated array [3 5 6 7 8 -3 -1 -1 1 2] design an algorithm to find an element in an efficient way.

What is an alternate solution to relational databases to solve some querying execution issues?

1 Answer

write the mirror of a tree. LCA of a tree. Reverse lists.

There were many technical questions but nothing was over the head. And at the end the manager asked me - if I am okay to take on a SDET postion?

Signed NDA. Data structures and system design questions.

1 Answer

Are abstract methods faster than the methods of an interface