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Reverse a linked list in place using only constant memory.

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Describe a challenging project that you have done recently.

1. Find the least common ancestor (LCA) in a binary tree. Pointer from node to parent is NOT present. Design the tree node and write the method that returns the LCA 2. Given a circularly rotated array [3 5 6 7 8 -3 -1 -1 1 2] design an algorithm to find an element in an efficient way.

How to check the mount points on the Unix. I did not expect such kinds of details were asked.

Two arraylists, in the first there are 1000000000 records and in the second - 1000, what will be the most efficient way to find if the biggest array has any members from the smaller one

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Most of the questions are straightforward and relate to your prior experience(Internship) or projects at Grad school. Expect some puzzles, Java Threading , Javascript and PL/SQL questions.

It was difficult answering math-related questions asked by someone who took math in another country. The steps to solve the problems are a bit different.

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