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Starbucks Store Manager Interview Questions


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What is the most important decision you make everyday as a store manager

2 Answers

who you hire

To be upbeat and positive at all times, as a manager you set the tone of your store.

Give me a time when you had to assist a angry customer?

1 Answer

Give me a time when you helped a team member exceed?

1 Answer

How do you rate your last employment...

1 Answer

What skills do you have that makes you more qualified than the other candidates

1 Answer

Not too many, like I said I've had 4 years of experience from inside a grocery store Starbucks, which is run by the grocery store, not Starbucks, so I never had the real Starbucks experience.

1 Answer

Tell us about a time you had to balance a customer request with business.

2 Answers

Why Starbucks?

1 Answer

Explain a time when you had to choose between addressing a customer issue or a staff issue?

Describe how you handled a substantial P&L loss and what steps you put into place to prevent it from happening again

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