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Static Interview Questions


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Static Interview Questions

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What is a static function and why do you use them

1 Answer

Allows the function to be accessible even when the class is not instantiated.

If you can't reach the internet?

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Questions on prototype of dynamic memory management functions like malloc and free in C. Issues that can occur ( fragmentation , memory leak etc ). And use of static and auto variables in this context.

They had some obscure question about a java static serial class. Was not quite sure what they were after, so the answer I gave was jumbled. They also ask you to describe an interface and its benefits. But, they way they worded the question, I was not sure what they were after. Yes, I know what these things are, But I am not sure if I answered it to their satisfaction.

What are setup and hold time violations ? Showed me timing diagrams and asked me to explain the setup and hold times.

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